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About Rumson

A snapshot of Rumson:

●    Population of 6,878

●    Median household income $135,089

●    Median home value $956,600

●    School rating A+

●    Crime Rating B+

What You Need To Know About Life In Rumson, New Jersey

Not far from New York City is the waterfront town of Rumson, New Jersey. This Monmouth County town is one of the smallest and most exclusive suburbs in the entire state with a population of just under 7,000 full-time residents. 

Rumson truly embodies the very essence of the word, suburb. It covers a relatively small portion of New Jersey, helping to explain the small population. Yet, it is nearly entirely surrounded by water making it a lovely place to live. Those that call Rumson home are very dedicated to keeping the community a safe, pleasant, and beautiful place to live and raise a family. This is evident by the meager crime rating and the fact that the few crimes are usually petty and non-violent. 

A life in Rumson is not just scenic; it is considered ideal. Parents and young families are proud to move here thanks to the fantastic school systems which consistently earn an A+ rating. With such a small population, the classroom sizes are kept very small, allowing children to get plenty of dedicated attention from teachers. With so much water nearby, it is also more fun to raise children here because there are more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with the little ones. 

Being that it is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in all of New Jersey, Rumson’s economy is steadfast. Of course, the close proximity of New York City helps to bolster the job market. However, there is further evidence in the economy’s strength in the median home values, which currently sit at about $950,000 (nearly five times the national average). Despite the median income of just $135,000, 90% of the people that live in Rumson, own their own home. This is the kind of town that you fall in love with from the very first visit. 

What Residents Say About Living In Rumson, New Jersey

“Rumson is a great place to grow up with all the diversity surrounds. Public high school and the junior high school gave me the education and valuable tools to use to grow and thrive in years ahead. The area of Rumson is full of compassionate people, visually beautiful, culturally abundant and prosperous and I am ever grateful for being able to grow up in this environment.”

“For the most part, our town has everything you need. There are multiple banks to choose from, great delis and a nice sized grocery store. The mom and pop stores are mostly bakeries and restaurants; we lack any real fun unique little stores like the towns around us have. There aren't any Walmarts or Targets, though, which are nice for the small businesses to make a good profit.”

Clasped by the Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers, the town of Rumson rolls to the sea, the rich, verdant greens of its knolls and spinneys meeting the deep, primordial blues of the warm intercoastal waters which separate it from Sea Bright. Known to the Lenape as Navarumsunk, Rumson’s scenic beauty was appreciated even by the original English settlers who purchased pieces of the land in 1665. The area remained, however, mostly wooded throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It was only with the mid-1800s that wealthy bankers and industrialists from New York began building filling out the coasts with sprawling summer homes and boathouses. It was around this time that Rumson Road earned its reputation as the “most beautiful driveway in New Jersey” with its quaint colonial estates neighboring newly constructed nineteenth century mansions. Rumson was incorporated as a borough in 1907 and, throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s, developed into one of the loveliest suburbs in the state.

Rumson today remains the same picturesque suburb it’s always been. Located in the heart of the Jersey Shore, Rumson neighbors Red Bank, Fair Haven and Sea Bright and is only minutes away from Long Branch, Atlantic Highland, Middletown and Sandy Hook. Tee off at the Rumson Country Club or dine out at fine eateries like the Salt Creek Grille. Enjoying sailing or fishing along the Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers or hop across the water to Sea Bright for a day at the beach. Historic, centrally located and with a first-rate school system, there’s no better place to live than Rumson.

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